There are three aspects of the multiverse which keep everything in check. Creation, Existance, and Destruction. These aspects revolve in harmony with each other. However, evil can disrupt this balance, and now it intends to use the aspect of destruction to eliminate existance, and halt creation...

Greetings, and welcome to Aria of Destiny, a crossover fan game that crosses over various series, too many to list here without bloating the page. This was something I made for my Multimedia Major Project, and as it happens, this demo will be what I'm handing in, but I'm still gonna continue working on this game. Anyway... Jesus, how long has it been since I originally started? Six months? I lost track.

This game is made in Construct, a relatively new game maker program that, though in beta stage and can be somewhat buggy due to that, it is open source, completely free, and freakn' awesome. Still, my game is by no means perfect, sure, the animations are a tad wonky and some enemies act utterly retardedly, for example, I haven't fully mastered Construct, but I worked hard to try and come up with something that's at least enjoyable.

This is a Metroidvania, a platforming game which only limits you to your character's abilities - exploration is not only possible, but reccomended! There are five playable characters - Ashe, Julius Belmont, Sonic the Hedgehog, Wario, and Crono. The latter three are unlockable. They have sub-weapons, also akin to Castlevania, which you can switch and use. If you find them, that is.

NOTE: The demo requires Windows and the latest version of DirectX 9, the latter of which can be freely downloaded from Microsoft. Sorry, Mac and Lunix fans, but that's the way the cookie crumbles, I'm afraid.

ALSO: At the beginning of the demo, you'll see a strange statue (or if you're using Ashe, a broken crate). Press up to interact with it - it's a save point. Actually, do it twice, a second time after the conversation ends to save properly - you will hear a chime when you do. I should've made this clear, sorry.

This is a save point. USE IT.

27/07: Due to criticism, I've decided to make some quick fixes/improvements: There are now two versions of the game, one with the original control scheme, and one with a new one. To get the picture:


Jump: Shift
Attack: Control
Switch Sub-Weapon: Z
Dash: X


Jump: Z
Attack: X
Switch Sub-Weapon: C
Dash: V

Both versions also feature:

- Julius' whip attack is extended in the air, making it a lot easier to hit things in the air with said whip
- Selections are done using space instead of the jump key
- Bits of added dialogue making it clear what the save points are

30/07: Annnndddddd I for the most part made Sonic's speed a lot more bearable. Let's just tweaking THAT was a weird experience.

- Download the Demo Here -

Original Control Scheme

Alternate Control Scheme

ANOTHER NOTE: The game has a crash bug which I wasn't able to figure out in time, but it is by no means game-breaking, thankfully, at worst a nuisance. The bug normally occurs if you revisit any area beyond Marble Zone in a single 'session' (for example, Phantasie -> Hideout -> Phantasie, it occurs when you return to Phantasie, but if you save in the hideout, restart the game, re-load, then go to Phantsie, it won't crash). Thankfully, the placement of save points prevents this from becoming anything more than a nuisance, just save often, and if you end up crashing, just restart and keep going where you left off (or skip the crash and just restart). I will make sure this bug will be fixed in future releases, but for now, I haven't been able to fix it, sadly.

Also, I have a new dev blog for this game.

~ Candescence

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